Welcome to the Center Party! America’s political party FOR THE REST OF US!

America needs a Center Party – NOW more than ever!

We now have the most polarized, hyper-partisan and toxic political environment in our nation’s history. As a result, the American people are suffering! MOST Americans agree with the best ideas from both parties. Below is a visual representation the COMMON SENSE policies from the current parties. This is the foundation of the Center Party platform.

We believe in the best from both parties:

If any of the following apply to you right now, then the Center Party is for you:

* ARE YOU A CURRENT (OR FORMER) REPUBLICAN who feels like your party has been hijacked by the Trump cult, Evangelicals, Fox News, big donor money and the radical right?

* ARE YOU A CURRENT (OR FORMER) DEMOCRAT who feels like your party has been hijacked by ultra-progressive, ‘woke’, extreme socialist, big government, tax and spend, cancel culture?

* DO YOU SUPPORT COMMON SENSE bits and pieces from BOTH parties?

* DO YOU FEEL LIKE CONGRESS IS DIVIDED, America is divided, and as a result nothing is getting done in Washington?

* DO YOU FEEL LIKE A 3rd ‘MIDDLE’ PARTY IS JUST WHAT OUR COUNTRY NEEDS right now – and would be a great check and balance on the extreme parties?

* ARE YOU SICK OF THE constant fighting and division in Washington?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you’ve found your political home – you’re a Centrist!

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