The best from both sides…

We feel MOST Americans agree with the best ideas from both parties. Below is a visual representation what we agree with from each party.
This is the foundation of the Center Party platform:

For our specific viewpoints on the hot items of today, click here: Our ideas

Overall the Center Party will support the following principles:

  • An EFFICIENT Federal government (enforce smart spending and reduce government waste).
  • A LEAN Federal government that leaves more fiscal responsibility to large employers, private charities and the states.
  • A PRODUCTIVE Congress (The Center Party’s mere existence will foster this).
  • A policy of AMERICAN job protection & creation (regulating automation and offshoring)
  • Laws that ensure WEALTH DISTRIBUTION for those who EARN it (the key word being earn) – enable the possibility for the working class and middle class to accumulate wealth.
  • Much tighter regulation of Media and Advertising. We’re all for free speech, but NEWS (facts) and OPINION must be clearly delineated. News must contain truth, and not be selective, and not shield people from the truth. Spreading disinformation, lies and falsehoods must have severe consequences for media stakeholders and sponsors. This includes social media platforms and influencers.
  • A government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Remember that? We need to get BIG PRIVATE DONOR MONEY, SUPER PACS, & RELIGION OUT OF POLITICS!
  • Create a government where all people are represented equally. Not where this happens:
    • Wyoming: 1 U.S. Senator for every 288,869 people
    • California: 1 U.S. Senator for ever 19,778,523 people
      So congratulations, Wyomingans, your total population is less than metro Fresno, but your voice is represented in Congress 6,800% more than people from California.

The 8 Pillars of Society

The Center Party Platform will be built around what we consider to be the ‘8 Pillars’ of Society. These are the areas in which the Federal Government should have the most oversight. If you have some time to do some reading, click HERE.

Our platform will be based on YOUR feedback!

A political party is supposed to represent the principles, needs and desires of it’s MEMBERS. You drive the party – not the other way around. So what you’ve read on this page is a starting point – some things that we feel are the philosophies of the Center. However this is an ongoing dialogue. Have something to add? Disagree with something? Have something to educate us about? That’s great! Join us today or provide your feedback!

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