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Is the Center Party an actual political party right now?

Right now the Center Party is a MOVEMENT. We are not an actual political party (YET!) Becoming a political party takes MONEY to organize meetings, collect signatures, meet fundraising requirements, and register with state electoral commissions and the Federal Election Commission.

These are all things we intend to do, but we need your support in order to accomplish this. So please join our movement, contact us, or donate today!

Will the Center Party be entering candidates in the 2022 elections?

In all likelihood no, because we will not have enough time to become an official party. However we plan to bring on vocal leaders and former members of both parties who have an interest in spreading awareness about our party.

We do however, plan to enter candidates in the 2024 Elections. That’s why it’s vital we hear from you! We’re trying to build a membership base of Centrists who will support candidates on the local, state, and national level. We plan to form an official party, form the Centrist National Committee (CNC), and field candidates for mayor, governor, state representatives, state senators, U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators, and yes – President! We will be the 3rd party and voice of reason our cities, states – and country – desperately needs!

Our party will be driven by our members, not the other way around. We will be launching polls and surveys, but in the meantime, please contact us with your ideas and feedback! We also need CANDIDATES. If you’re interested in becoming a Center Party Candidate, please get in touch with us. Others wanting to become a Centrist, please join, donate, volunteer, start a C.P.U. chapter, follow us on Twitter, and simply spread the word: America FINALLY has a 3rd Party! #CenterParty #EnterTheCenter #PurplePower

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