The Party for the rest of us…

There’s a bell curve right now in American politics, and the middle of the bell is becoming less and less represented in Washington:

We know many of you feel like you have no political home. The Republican party has been hijacked by the extreme right. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the extreme left. MOST of us agree with bits and pieces from BOTH party platforms. MOST of us are so fed up with the division and stagnation in Washington, due to the two-party system. It’s time for a 3RD party that represents the viewpoints of many Americans. It’s time for the Center Party. So read more about our movement, give us your feedback and join us today!

Where are the leaders of the middle?

Why do the most vocal people represent the extremes? Why has the Republican Party become the party of Trump? Even though he lost the election, was impeached (again), incited an insurrection and has been kicked off social media – Republicans still love him! And the Democrats can’t agree on anything because the ultra progressive left wing has taken over the party and is driving people out of the tent.

Join the movement…

Right now the Center Party is a MOVEMENT. We are not an actual political party (YET!) Becoming a political party takes MONEY to organize meetings, collect signatures, meet fundraising requirements, and register with state electoral commissions and the Federal Election Commission.

These are all things we intend to do, but we need your support in order to accomplish this. So please join our movement or donate today!

The Center Party; At-a-glance:

Headquarters: Hamden, CT
Official web site:
Email address: [email protected]
Twitter: @CenterPartyNOW
Hashtags: #CenterParty, #EnterTheCenter, #PurplePower, #Centrists

Mailing address:
Center Party LLC
3000 Whitney Ave
Suite 300
Hamden, CT 06518

Color: Purple

Referred to as (i.e. Democrats, Republicans): Centrists

Visuals (see below):
Icon: White C in purple square
Symbol: The Bell
Animal: The Lion

Our symbol: The Bell

The bell symbolizes many things. Freedom and liberty. A call to action. When you hear a bell ring it means it’s time for something. It could even mean it’s an emergency. Nothing could more accurately describe our current view of the political situation in America. Our freedoms and liberties are at stake. From 2016 – 2020 we had a President who did this:

  • Sided with our enemies
  • Worshipped autocrats
  • Lied multiple times a day
  • Took corruption to new levels
  • Had his own state media
  • Backed and empowered white supremacists and domestic terrorists
  • Incited an insurrection and riot at our Capitol
  • Tried to become a dictator.
  • Blew the COVID response, ignored scientists, divided our nation and represented only his extreme right base…

And yet… 71 MILLION PEOPLE VOTED FOR FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS!!! – WHY!?!?!? That’s how little they connect with the left. They were literally ready to continue destroying our country – probably because they don’t know about half the bullets on the list. That’s a media problem, which is a whole separate issue.

But it rings the alarm. So it’s is time to take action. It is time to answer the bell. The bell is also a mathematical symbol – as in a ‘bell curve’ (see examples above). We believe the Center Party represents ‘normal America’ – in other words – the center or ‘meat’ of the bell. So where do you land in the bell curve? Do you believe in common sense, practical ideas from both sides? Don’t you think it’s about time there was a party for people in the middle? Then join us or donate today!

Our animal: The Lion

Democrats have the donkey. Republicans have the elephant. Our animal is the Lion.

The Lion symbolizes strength, authority and command. The lion is cool and calm but ferocious if it has to be.

The Lion is the protector of the earth and the guardian of our dream state. We are daring to dream that America can be the place we all want it to be. Right now we’re nowhere near that. So join the Lions! and make a difference!

Donate today!

We need your help! Launching a new political party takes MONEY. We will never accept any corporate money or sponsorship. The Center Party will be 100% driven by, supported by and as a result acting in the best interest of – the American people. However we need to spread the word with Marketing & PR. We need to improve our web site and data security. We need to establish our headquarters and start grassroots campaigns in every state. We are eager to launch podcasts, social media platforms, and ultimately our own TV show. And we need staff to help us with all of this. That takes money. So please – help us spread the word on social media with our hashtags #EnterTheCenter and #PurplePower. Send people to our web site. And DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN TODAY!