Money isn’t the root of all evil, bad education is…

And by education, we don’t just mean book smarts. We mean things like morals, principles, ethics, leadership skills, and mental health. Things like humility, open mindedness, respect, listening and treating people fairly even if you don’t agree with them, or they don’t look like you, or come from where you come from.

Education occurs in school, it occurs at home and it occurs in the community. However we CAN’T teach our children the right way without the appropriate support and resources. And here’s why we support focus and funding on Education from the Federal Level. When people grow up to be stupid, or greedy, or racist, or a liar, or narcissistic, or closed-minded – and then that person becomes a parent, a teacher, a business person, a lawyer, a judge, a politician, a social media influencer, a Fox News personality and even the PRESIDENT – WE ALL SUFFER. So we need to attack the ROOT CAUSE – what causes someone to become ‘Trumpy’. We feel it traces back to education and parenting. As a result – we believe in the following:

  • INCREASED FEDERAL FUNDING for K-12 public schools, especially in rural and urban areas.
  • Increased Federal funding for community education and programs for young people for AFTER SCHOOL
  • A more level playing field for public and private schools
  • INCENTIVES for geographic exchange programs for high school students – i.e. a student from a rural areas spends one year in an urban area, and vice versa.
  • AN EASIER path to college and MORE affordable college
  • Expanding college programs to include trade education
  • Ensuring schools and colleges are preparing students for the jobs of the future
  • Ensuring things like morals, ethics, respect, open-mindedness are taught in our K-12 schools
  • Ensuring Anti-racism is taught in all K-12 schools
  • Investing more in MENTAL HEALTH programs – in schools and communities.

More detailed policy ideas will be up to the candidates. Back to Ideas.

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