Gun people, is this really how you want to live? Every week hearing about a new shooting at a school, a church, a movie theater, a concert, or a place of business. WE GET the need for personal protection, WE GET the need to go shoot animals to eat their meat (I guess) … but what is it these countries in Asia, the UK and even Romania have figured out? Why don’t we EVER hear about mass shootings in these countries?

A LOT of it is mental health, satisfaction with life, parental upbringing, a lack of a huge gun lobby, and a lack of ultra-conservative, poorly regulated media outlets and online nutjobs. But a lot of it is also simply ACCESS to purchasing military-style weapons. So here are our ideas on guns:

  • Guns should be classified into 3 CATEGORIES:
    • Class A: Personal protection (handguns)
    • Class B: Hunting (non-automatic rifles)
    • Class C: Military (Assault rifles designed for combat)
  • PRIVATE CITIZENS (non military or law enforcement) should not be allowed to carry Class C weapons outside of their own private property.
  • GUNS should be treated like cars – requiring a license (with criteria and a test to obtain), registration, taxes and insurance. ALL SALES must be registered with states and tracked in a federal database.
  • THE 2ND AMENDMENT was written in 1791 with the intent of citizens being able to arm themselves if they wanted to form a militia to rebel against the government. That concept is absurd in the 21st century. The United States has five branches of Armed Forces with approximately 1.3 million active-duty troops, with another 865,000 in reserve. Our military has tanks, fighter jets, drones and advanced technology. A little ‘militia’ with AR-15’s isn’t going to stop them.
  • GPS-BASED ZONES should be established for the use and activation of hunting weapons. Why would a hunting weapon need to be activated in an area where there’s no hunting? (like churches, schools, and concerts).
  • TECHNOLOGY (fingerprint, GPS, barcoding) should be mandated by lawmakers for all new guns manufactured.
  • TAXES on guns and ammunition sales should go toward mental health and quality of life programs so people won’t (a) feel the need to possess or purchase a military style gun and (b) won’t go nuts and decide to shoot dozens of innocent people because they’re disgruntled for some reason.




More detailed policy ideas will be up to the candidates. Back to Ideas.

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