Flexible, simple, and affordable for ALL…

No, the Government should not run healthcare. Anyone who’s dealt with the DMV or the IRS (pretty much everyone) knows the Government is NOT GOOD at running things. Do we really want even more long lines, a million forms, old school technology, inefficiency, understaffed facilities and underpaid workers in Healthcare? We already have that. We need to make it better, not worse.

HOWEVER that being said, the current way of caring for people is atrocious. Healthcare should not be based on how wealthy you are. Insurance needs to be MUCH simpler and easier to understand, with anything out of pocket being revealed up front. Insurance also needs to be MORE AFFORDABLE. The cost of healthcare on individuals right now is a joke compared to other countries. So what’s the answer?

  • We believe in a MIX of public and private Health Insurance
  • A PUBLIC OPTION should be available for those who can’t afford insurance or who’s employer doesn’t provide it
  • EMPLOYERS meeting a certain threshold of size or profit margin should offer health insurance coverage to their employees
  • THE GOVERNMENT should not be running everyone’s healthcare.
    If people want to pay a premium for private health insurance, they should have that option.
  • THE PEOPLE should have the choice to stick with their employer-provided health insurance
  • PROFIT MARGINS of Health Insurance companies, Drug makers, Medical equipment manufacturers, Hospitals, Practices and other Providers should be heavily scrutinized and regulated by Washington.
  • Non-critical, elective healthcare should not be covered by taxpayers in any way.
  • THE PROCESS of getting and paying for care must be MUCH SIMPLER and more affordable and this will only happen with Federal oversight. Health insurance lobbyists are too powerful right now.

More detailed policy ideas will be up to the candidates. Back to Ideas.

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