Finding middle ground…

We should not have open borders, let everyone in, provide them with taxpayer funded services, not require them to learn our language and allow companies to pay them the lowest possible wages they can get away with. Conversely, we should not completely seal off our country from those seeking a better life, willing to work hard and pay taxes and become contributing citizens to our great nation. So like with most things it’s about finding middle ground. Here are some ideas, tell us what you think!

  • Immigrants built this nation and will continue to be a part of the fabric of America. We believe in SMART, MANAGED Immigration.
    • A pathway to citizenship that includes having a job (or American spouse) and speaking English.
    • Investments in smart technologies at our borders that will prevent illegal crossings (with a focus on the southern border – there aren’t too many people from Canada trying to sneak into the US.)
    • The creation of ‘productivity zones’ – again, near the southern border – where individuals and families fleeing their country can live, work, pay rent & taxes and receive BASIC healthcare (provided by their own taxes and employers). Essentially these will be non-voting pending citizens with limited rights and travel capabilities who can start their pathway to citizenship.
    • All FAMILIES who cross the border will be immediately identified, provided documents and entered into a database. CHILDREN WILL NOT BE SEPARATED FROM PARENTS and all entrants will be treated HUMANELY and placed in adequate residential spaces. Private corporations, non-profits and the fleeing source nations will fund this, not American taxpayers.
  • We support the DREAMERS (minors brought to this country) and believe they should have a federally supported pathway to citizenship with no threat of deportation.
  • There needs to be a cap on immigration to prevent overcrowding. We can work with partner nations who may have a need for more citizens.
  • We must work with countries from which people are fleeing (most notably Central America) to understand what can be done to ensure their citizens are able to live safe, happy, prosperous and healthy lives in their home countries – if they desire to stay there. Nobody should be forced to leave their home country unwillingly.
  • America will have the same immigration stance and policies regardless of the nation, continent, religion, demographics, or financial capability of the entrant.

More detailed policy ideas will be up to the candidates. Back to Ideas.

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