When you Google ‘Infrastructure’ – that’s the definition that comes up (as we write this – Spring 2021). Why is this important? There seems to be different opinions of what infrastructure means in Washington. Republicans think it’s only roads, bridges and mass transit. Democrats think it’s that plus the environment and every social program under the sun. Obviously the correct answer lies somewhere in the middle.

So we look to the definition – what is ‘needed for the operation of a society’. Most common sense people agree this includes transportation, energy and communication. However regardless of the definition – it is something that is long overdue and requires federal focus in Washington. Unfortunately, even though huge majority of Americans say this is a problem – the politicians who represent us just can’t get anything done.

As we write this (May 2021), the Biden administration has a far reaching infrastructure plan with a lot of badly needed investments in it. And as usual, Republicans won’t support it because they’re going to oppose everything Biden does no matter what. That rallies their base. So here we go again. Stagnation. So the bullets on this one are pretty obvious. If only Washington was split 3 ways instead of two. The ‘middle third’ would vote for an Infrastructure plan that wasn’t too overreaching. Because that’s what the people want.

  • We support investments and Federal funding for badly needed improvements to transportation, communication, and clean energy that will result in jobs in these sectors.
  • We feel funding for this should be provided in a way that won’t hurt consumers: less tolls and taxes, more creative partnerships with the private sector, more efficiency and moving money around in Washington.


2% on Infrastructure? 2% on Education? That’s not enough. Defense and international security assistance – 16%. Perhaps we could utilize more technology and have less people in the military – and instead give those people jobs in infrastructure and education. Just a thought. Tell us what you think!

More detailed policy ideas will be up to the candidates. Back to Ideas.

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