Protect, Create, Enable and Sustain…

Making sure everyone has a good paying job with the benefits they need to thrive should be the easiest thing for a nation of our wealth, resource and talent to do, and yet we absolutely suck at it – in mind bending fashion. We were nailing it in the 50’s and 80’s but then we allowed our companies to outsource jobs and replace people with automation. We allow them to pay people the lowest possible amount they can get away with – meanwhile the executives at the top make millions. The Republican answer is to let capitalism run wild, unchecked, survival of the fittest, trickle down economics. How did that work out? To quote Nino Brown from the movie New Jack City – “the rich get richer, and the poor don’t get a (bleeping) thing”. True in 1991. True in 2021…. the Democrat answer is to solve everything with taxes – tax the rich, tax corporations, tax homeowners – to fund social programs needed because people make such crap money. But this only causes people (and companies) to cheat, find loopholes and flee. Not a long term answer. So what is the answer? Here are some ideas, tell us what you think!

  • We need to PROTECT AMERICAN JOBS – by regulating offshoring and automation
  • We need to RAISE the bottom level and shrink the wealth gap by PAYING PEOPLE BETTER!
  • Diversity and Inclusion is GREAT – and we’re all for it – but NOT if it’s taken to the extreme and we trend toward an environment where white, heterosexual males WON’T BE CONSIDERED for jobs because they’re white, heterosexual males. Sorry, you’re not diverse enough. (And yes, this is happening). The woke left is bulldozing HR with brilliant PR. Companies are terrified of lawsuits and tech-savvy millennials shorting stocks.
  • We need to CREATE JOBS by investing in the industries of the FUTURE, not the past. Green jobs, technology jobs and yes MANUFACTURING jobs – we need to incentivize and perhaps even mandate that manufacturers produce and source from a domestic supply chain. However we need to walk the fine balance of creating win-win situations with our global trading partners.
  • We need to protect our AGRICULTURE jobs by regulation of sourcing by our food suppliers and distributors.
  • We need to train our workforce and keep it healthy – education and benefits must be much less costly to the individual employee and taxpayer. Corporations need to take on more of this burden out of their profit margins.
  • Stock price needs to be less of a driving force of corporate decisions regarding pay, sustainability and corporate citizenry. Although this is trending in the right direction, investors are rewarding good corporate behavior – green, sustainable, flat organizations who support and uplift from the bottom up and only do business with like-minded partners are being rewarded on Wall Street. We need to keep this going. This is one area where the young traders and influencers are getting it right.

More detailed policy ideas will be up to the candidates. Back to Ideas.

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