College Students, we need you! We know many of you think the left is TOO left and the right is TOO right – and a middle party would be JUST RIGHT! 🙂 We know many of you agree with bits and pieces from each party. You’re probably fed up with Washington in it’s current, divided state, because it’s non-stop politics, non-stop bickering, and very little action. And you probably feel like you don’t have a political party you can identify with.

We hope to change that. Your generation is the future of this country – and this world – and you’re already doing some amazing things. Starting a 3rd, Centrist Party in this country would literally change the world. So we’re looking for College Students to become Center Party Ambassadors on Campus and help us spread the word.

Here are ways you can help:

  • Start a Center Party Chapter at your school
  • Become an Ambassador – help us hand out materials, set up & man booths at events and sign up students
  • Help us spread the word via social media!
  • Help us with merchandise sales and fundraising
  • Become a candidate! More and more young people are running for office at the local, state and even federal level. We’re looking for the next AOC – only the Centrist version. 🙂

You can start as a volunteer, Ambassador, Chapter Leader, Intern or Candidate – whatever you feel you have time for. This could lead to a full-time position in the party after you graduate.

We will be posting more on this in the future – but in the meantime, CONTACT US or JOIN THE MOVEMENT if you’re interested, and we will get back to you!

In any case, thank you for your interest in the Center Party! Let’s change our country – and the world! Imagine the impact America will have on the environment, global commerce, and global injustices – when Washington can actually GET THINGS DONE. A middle party will make that happen. No more stagnation in the Senate. In fact, we plan to totally overhaul the Senate to make it more representative of the people. For more on changes we feel should be made to Washington – click here.